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Deadlines, Project presentations and Exam

10 Novembro 2021, 18:52 Sofia Sá


A - There is no exam in this curricular unit. You have our word!

B - The deadlines for the tasks (preparation and application) are now:

 i. Week 1 – 22 of November 

ii. Week 2 – 22 of November

iii. Week 3 – 22 of November

iv. Week 4 – 22 of November

v. Week 5 (the class video is uploading for 3 hours now... waiting!), 6 and 7 – 25 of November

C - Today, November 10th, 22:00 we can already book our project presentation slot. Steps:

1. Access this link (https://tinyurl.com/slotsprojectpresentations2021)  and see the options available:

a. Groups with international students or/and that prefer to present in English – choose [English only] slots

b. In the other slots [PT&EN] you can choose if you present in English or Portuguese

c. If you can’t find any spot of your preference, let us know in the last options (“No places left for Presential Alameda Sessions and I need one”, for example)

2. Access the form link (https://forms.gle/c7ND7rcMBLkgjFLu5, available today, Wednesday, November 10th, 22:00) and fill the information needed:

a. Group number

b. Student names – yes, we need to double-check

c. The slot your group prefers

i. Please make sure it is an available slot. The maximum number of groups in each session is 4.

3. Show up for your presentation 😊




10 Novembro 2021, 09:23

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