Project - Plagiarism issues

13 Novembro 2021, 18:28 Sofia Sá

Hi there!

As noted in the previous announcement, "the project's due date to Monday, 15th of November, at 12:00", because of the Moodle downtime. All the tasks and application tasks are due 25 of November. Application tasks 6 and 7 are almost ready :)

Please note the zero tolerance for plagiarism in the project. This means:

1 – References on the slides/sections indicating clearly where that exact text (direct quotation, with “”) or idea (paraphrase, not changing a word here and there) came from:

-        Use in-text citations (this site helps - or full references in each slide/section

-        If you have several ideas/sentences from different authors in the same slide/section, in-text citations are mandatory (so the reader can tell which idea/sentence came from where)

-        Without this, all your project is plagiarism - it will be disregarded. Presenting a final list of references is not citing authors, as the reader can’t see where you got your ideas/citations from

-        Indicating in-text citations with numbers is not respecting APA norms. This type of reference is IEEE. In-text citations according to APA norms are presented with Author’s last name, Year – (Smith, 2021)

2 – Do present all the references on a final slide/section of your project (if you have opted for in-text citations only. If you use only one reference in each slide/section, you can present only the complete reference there, and in that case, a final list of references in the project is unnecessary)

3 – References document delivered separately from the project – we need it to correct your project and check for plagiarism more efficiently. It does not substitute the presentation of the full references within the project, as your "students" - as Francisco, our Personna, don't have access to the references document. Point 2 and point 3 are separate issues.

Thanks. We are to help if you have any questions regarding this :)