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Information/rules for the Visit to FISIPE tomorrow Thursday 21st April 2022

20 Abril 2022, 17:16 Carla Isabel Costa Pinheiro

As you know we will have our field trip to visit FISIPE plant on Thursday 21st April 2022.

We will meet at IST front main staircase (in front of the outside car parking) at 1:20 p.m. 

After the visit we will be back to IST around 5 p.m.


FISIPE has sent me the following recommendations/rules and security information:

  • IMPORTANT:  All visitors to FISIPE must present themselves with shoes closed. High heels are not allowed and we should also wear pants. The entrance to the company is done without backpacks/bags and also without any electronic equipment (mobile phones, cameras, MP3 player, etc.) 

Thank you!

You will have a Challenge statement for this visit!

Enjoy the visit!

First CAP class 2021-2022

7 Março 2022, 17:08

Corpo Docente

Carla Isabel Costa Pinheiro