2nd Test

21 Novembro 2016, 03:53 Mário António Ramalho

Due to the superposition with other classes, the the 2nd test will be at 12h00 in the normal room (0-32)

1st test Marks

17 Novembro 2016, 20:32 Mário António Ramalho

1st test Marks have been publised

Friday@Alameda (II)

28 Outubro 2016, 05:21 Mário António Ramalho

Classes on 28-10 (today) will be at 14h00 onwards at Alameda. For students that are unable to attend, they will be next Wednesday at 08h00.

building 12 at


Friday @ Alameda

29 Setembro 2016, 14:32 Mário António Ramalho

Classes on 30 Sep will be on the Automation Lab at Alameda, Building 12, Pav Mecanica III. Once you get into the building, turn left to the basement.
at 09h00 or 15h00.

building 12 at