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Report instructions - MEIC/LEIC project/presentations

19 Novembro 2019, 10:36 Susana Vinga

New folder now available with the instructions and templates (see Paper report and presentation - MEIC/LEIC).

Although this project is not to be submitted by all the students, as explained, I stress the fact that the material covered in the papers is part of the course and will be assessed in the Exams. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you follow this work too.

Projects MEIC/LEIC - papers now available

11 Novembro 2019, 23:59

Seminar today - "Personalized Medicine and Healthy Longevity"

11 Novembro 2019, 09:09

Plan for next week: 11-14 November

8 Novembro 2019, 22:47

Additional material for Supervised Learning

8 Novembro 2019, 00:03

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