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Last announcement - Final Gradings now available

6 dezembro 2022, 20:42 Susana Vinga

Dear students,

Please check your final vote here https://fenix.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/disciplinas/BC2/2022-2023/1-semestre/notas and let me know if you find any errors. The partial gradings are available here.
These are the final marks I will send to the graduation secretary.

On behalf of all the faculty, congratulations on your excellent work!

We wish you all the best for your remaining tasks and all the luck and success for the next semester.


Exam Results and Final Grading (provisional)

5 dezembro 2022, 22:52

Exam - Revision - Revisão de Prova - Rooms available

5 dezembro 2022, 10:27

Exam - Revision - Revisão de Prova - Second slot

4 dezembro 2022, 17:50

Exam - Revision - Revisão de Prova

2 dezembro 2022, 11:14

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Susana Vinga



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José da Trindade Vasconcelos Raposo Lopes Basílio

Nuno Luis Barbosa Morais