Publicação de Notas

15 Fevereiro 2010, 23:54 João Pedro Carvalho

Notas finais enviadas para a secretaria.

Final Grades - Theoretical + Labs

9 Fevereiro 2010, 05:16 Sara Madeira

The grades of Lab 2 to 4 together with the final grades are already available in Section "Grades"/"Notas".

Check your grades carefully. Any detected error should be reported by email until the end of this week.

Oficial grades will be sent to the secretary next Monday, February 15th. 

Exam 2 and Final Theoretical Grades

2 Fevereiro 2010, 05:21 Sara Madeira

The grades of Exam 2 together with the final theoretical grades are now online in Section "Notas"/"Grades".

Exam 2 can be consulted on Thursday, 4th February from 12:00 to 13:00 *ROOM 134* of INESC-ID. Tests are consulted *individually*. 

2nd Exam - Applications are open

25 Janeiro 2010, 06:47 Sara Madeira

Students willing to do the 2nd Exan, taking place on Wedbesday 27/01/2010 at 09:00, must perform the application ("Inscrição") throught Fénix.

The applications are opened until Thurday 26/01/2010 at 09:00 (24 hours before the exam).

Notas / Revisão de Provas / Dúvidas

25 Janeiro 2010, 06:40 Sara Madeira

The grades of Test 2 / Exam 1 are now online in Section "Notas"/"Grades".

Grades of remaining assessments will be published the week after Exam 2.

Test 2 / Exam 1 can be consulted on Tuesday, 26th January from 10:30 to 12:30 *ROOM 134* of INESC-ID. Tests are consulted *individually*. 

Students with questions about Exam 2 are also welcome on this date and time.