List of questions (and answers) about EB– Part 1

30 Março 2021, 12:08 Cristina Anjinho Viegas

Dear students

A list of examples of questions focused on Part 1 of the course is provided in the course webpage (section “Part 1-Lectures”) viewing you to test your understanding of the subjects (most of them are questions that appeared in previous exams). Possible answers to the questions are also provided; I advise you to study the subjects in the support texts provided and in the powerpoints and your appointments of the lectures and try to answer to the questions, before looking at the answers provided.

In case you have doubts, please contact me by email or you can meet me in the Tuesday and Wednesday Zoom sessions (up to 14-4-2021) or we can arrange other individual Zoom sessions if requested by you (by email).

Best wishes,

Cristina Viegas