Lab 11: RBFs and SVMs

12 Novembro 2021, 11:30 Luís Sá Couto

Exercises about Radial Basis Function Networks and Support Vector Machines basics

Concluding remarks and exam preparation

12 Novembro 2021, 08:30 Rui Henriques

Revisiting major contents.
Comparing learning approaches side-by-side.
Exam preparation: solving reference exercises.
Ensemble models.
Concluding remarks.

Lab 11: RBF & SVM

12 Novembro 2021, 08:00 Eugénio Ribeiro

Resolução de exercícios sobre redes RBF e SVMs.

Lab 10: Dimensionality Reduction

11 Novembro 2021, 12:00 Luís Sá Couto

Exercises about KL-Transform, PCA

Lab 11: RBFs and SVMs

11 Novembro 2021, 11:30 José Miguel Penedo Ramos

RBFs and SVMs