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15 Julho 2019, 09:46 Manuel Cabido Lopes

after revision on Alameda and at Tagus

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11 Julho 2019, 14:40 Manuel Cabido Lopes

Grades after 2nd exam.
Revision Alameda 15/Jul 09h00 room Gabinete 1 Informática III
Tagus 15/Jul 14h00  room  2-N5.7

Exam 2

2 Julho 2019, 10:42 Andreas Miroslaus Wichert

You should bring a scientific calculator, graphic calculator without internet connection is ok, but will be not required, (no mobile phones, computers smart watches)
-The exam is 2:30h
-You should indicate all your computational steps.
-You can use 1 page A4 double sided with your notes during the exam.

Prémio de Mérito Everis em Aprendizagem | 25 de Junho | 9:30-11:00 | Abreu Faro

24 Junho 2019, 17:05 Manuel Cabido Lopes

Tomorrow is the final for the Everis prize.

Everyone is invited to attend.

25 de Junho | 9:30-11:00 | Abreu Faro

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17 Junho 2019, 15:47 Manuel Cabido Lopes

grades 1exam and HW with revision