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Instructions for the 2nd Exam

4 Julho 2020, 18:08 Mário Silveirinha

On 17th of July, I will post here the wording of the 2nd Exam at 8am.

You are expected to send me back your resolution  through Fenix as a project (the submission platform is now open: please test and email me if you detect any problems). The submission deadline is 11am [please check the exact time in the wording of the exam].

The duration of the exam includes some tolerance in the end to be sure that everyone has time to access the exam / scan / photograph and submit the resolution. 

My preference is that you submit the resolution in a single .pdf file.The .pdf file may consist of a scan/photographs of the resolution done in a sheet of paper, or alternatively the answers can be typed in Word.

During the test I shall be online in a zoom session:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89748200917

Together with the exam, you should return a signed declaration of honor stating the following:

Declaration of honor:

For Portuguese students:Declaro por minha honra que a resolução que apresento foi preparada exclusivamente por mim sem auxílio de terceiros. Em particular, declaro por minha honra que não recebi auxilio nem auxiliei outros colegas.

For non-Portuguese students:I hereby declare by my honor that the present work was prepared exclusively by me without the assistance of third parties.In particular, I declare on my honor that I have not received assistance or helped other colleagues.

Results of the 2nd Test / 1st Exam

4 Julho 2020, 18:03

Instructions 2nd Test / Exam (updated)

24 Junho 2020, 16:44

Doubts session / Aula de duvidas

22 Junho 2020, 15:42

Results of the Computational work

13 Junho 2020, 08:02

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