Laboratory Grades published

24 Novembro 2021, 12:36 Joao Antonio Madeiras Pereira

The final grades regarding the laboratory evaluation (Assignment 1, Assignment 2 and Report/Trailer) were published in the Laboratory/Assignment Grades tab.

Mini-test 2 grades published

13 Novembro 2021, 12:42 Joao Antonio Madeiras Pereira

The grades of Mini-test 2 were published in the Course page, tab Mini-tests/Mini-test 2.

Reminder: Assignment 2 evaluation on Thursday, November 11th

8 Novembro 2021, 10:48 Joao Antonio Madeiras Pereira

As already announced during the classes, the Assignment 2 will be evaluated on Thursday, November 11th,  for both lab shifts. 

Mini-test 2 information

2 Novembro 2021, 20:50 Joao Antonio Madeiras Pereira

The Mini-test 2 will take place on Thursday, November 4th, 10:00h, at the theoretical class.

Assignment 2 and Environment mapping slides published

2 Novembro 2021, 13:17 Joao Antonio Madeiras Pereira

The Assignment 2 is available in Laboratory tab and the Environment Mapping slides were included in the Support Material/PDF slides tab.