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Not a goodbye but a "see you later friend"

24 Julho 2020, 11:04 Paulo Jose da Costa Branco

6 Quotes To Say "See Ya Later!"

Dear Students,

Despite the short time we have been together eye-to-eye, I want to leave with you the pride that I had in spending what little I know to everyone, be it the technical part as the human part.

They leave a friend who will always be here to help and even laugh at any time.

  Never give up on your dreams. Be different and show your integrity, respect, and compassion for everyone. Your children will always be proud of you!

A hug and all the best

Paulo Branco

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20 Julho 2020, 10:54

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18 Julho 2020, 22:58

Solution of EXAM2

17 Julho 2020, 16:00

Drives and Electric Vehicles, 2º exam, Exams A and B, Zoom A and Zoom B, and list with exams A and B attributed

15 Julho 2020, 09:00

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