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The 19_19 Citroen autonomous electric vehicle

21 Maio 2019, 09:41 Paulo Jose da Costa Branco

Citroen showcases futuristic long-range BEVCitroen showcases futuristic long-range BEV

Following its long – albeit over the latest decades widely neglected – tradition of avant-garde technology and design, French carmaker Citroen is presenting a futuristic concept vehicle that marries electric drive with long range and autonomous driving with a very a rather exotic and conspicuous appearance.

The exterior design is inspired by aviation, the interior design by living room furniture – a logical consequence of the fact that people spend increasingly time in the car while automated driving functions allow them to relax.

Despite its living room ambient, the 19_19 is a high-tech vehicle: Driven by a battery-electric powertrain, the car bridges distances up to 800 km without recharging, Citroen says. Within 5 seconds, the 19_19 reaches a speed of 100 kmph; maximum speed is 200 kmph. The battery has a capacity of 100 kwh, giving the two motors a power of 340 kW. Though the wheels are extraordinarily large, which suggests that they might contain a wheel hub drive. However, the two motors are located inside the body, one motor at the front and rear axle.

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