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Welcome to the Software Architecture Course

3 Julho 2017, 15:25 António Rito Silva

In the Software Architecture course I expect students to proactively prepare for classes in advance, by reading the suggested articles and researching on specific topics. To realize whether you are committed to enrol in the course I'd suggest that you watch this recent presentation on Making Architecture Matter by Martin Fowler and read the The Architect Elevator — Visiting the upper floors by Gregor Hohpe

This year we will focus on the new trends on Microservices architectures and the trade-offs between this type of solution and Monolithic systems. In particular we will study the following set of articles, Microservices vs. Monoliths - The Reality Beyond the Hype.

Practical classes will start on the first week of the semester, 18th of September. Please, find in the Practical Classes section the list of articles you have to read prior to the class.

The enrolment in groups will occur after the classes start, meanwhile, you can attend any of the practical classes.

Classes will be in English.

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António Rito Silva