How to convert json to HTML?

a simple library can be use to perform that.For instance the library available in  https://pypi.org/project/json2html/0.1/ can do that.
The code to generate html is simple:
from json2html import *
json2html.convert(json = {'name':'softvar','age':'21'})
For other languages, similar libraries can exist.

Change in the project assignment

In the project assignment, the section 6.2 contains the functionalities of the mobile application.
The last functionality (Show the rooms and services available on the current building(...)) should not be done by the students


In the project , it will be necessary to create generic routes.
In Flask, if one defines the route @app.route('/path/subpath') it will only work for simple routes (e.g. /path/xpto) and not to more complex ones:e.g. /path/subpath/subsubpath).
In order to allow Flask to match any sub-path (independently of its depth, students should used the following definition of routes:

Javascrip examples

The file  08-js.zip contains examples of javascrip (DOM manipulation and REST calls

The first version of the project assignment is available here: projecto-ASINT.pdf