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Seminar on Embedded Systems - Paper submission

24 Maio 2010, 09:56 Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha

Today is the deadline for paper submission to the Seminar on Embedded Systems.

The Seminar sessions will occur on the following days:

31 May, 1 June, 14 June, and 15 June.

(On the 7th of June week there will be no classes to keep the lectures sinchronized between Alameda and Taguspark.)

Project reports

21 Maio 2010, 09:17

Project evaluation sessions

20 Maio 2010, 11:04

Project submission

13 Maio 2010, 15:00

Office hours at Alameda - Update

10 Maio 2010, 08:18

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Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha