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Época Especial

6 Julho 2012, 11:03 José Carlos Campos Costa

Students that want to do the course in "Época Especial" should send an email to jose.costa@inesc-id.pt saying if they want to do  only the exam or also the project and article. I will assign an article topic and a project assignment to the students that desire to do them. The "rules" of the "Época Especial" are in section "Métodos de Avaliação".

2nd exam grades and revision date

26 Junho 2012, 11:59

Office hours this week

18 Junho 2012, 13:49

1st exam grades and global grades are published

12 Junho 2012, 14:41

Dates for publishing of grades and exams revisions

10 Junho 2012, 09:14

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