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"Época especial" exam

5 julho 2023, 09:44 Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha

Students who have access to the "época especial" period and wish to do the exam must register on the course page. The registration must be made in the group "Exam_EE", created for this purpose, between 10 Jul and 20 Jul (8:00).

Regardless of this, it is up to the students to check the administrative conditions for access to the "época especial" period.

The exam will take place only in Alameda since, according to our records, there are no Taguspark students with conditions of access to the "época especial".

Final grades

11 fevereiro 2023, 14:06

Grades of the 2nd exam

9 fevereiro 2023, 19:00

General grades

9 fevereiro 2023, 11:12

2nd Exam review

8 fevereiro 2023, 11:59

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Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha