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about lab classes

16 Setembro 2015, 20:26 Luis Marcelino Ferreira

There is a plan for lab classes (see lab_plan.doc)

The student is supposed to read the assignment, according to plan, and try to solve the problems using Matlab code. The student is responsible for writing his own code. Only the student’s team (1, 2, 3 students) is going to work with and see that code. That is, the code does not have to have a beautiful interface, but should work, should be able to produce numerical results. Data can be read from a file or simply hardwired in the code itself. My advice: keep it simple, just stick to the computational formulas.


In lab class, I will help you in the following way: (1) I will check whether your results are numerically correct; (2) I will go through the major computational steps (and give you intermediate numerical results, in case you need them for debugging);  and (3) I will point out the kind of questions you will be asked.


Tests will be based on the lab assignments but with variations. If necessary, you should be able to adapt the code or the data accordingly. Relax, it can easily be done if you know your code.


As for the assignments being in English, I say OK. I will be publishing an English version.


Do not miss lab classes; as in any lab class, presence is mandatory.


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