Network Science Workshop 2021-22

4 Novembro 2021, 15:11 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear students,

As we discussed a few minutes ago, instead of creating an entire programme from scratch (which may not fit your constraints), we decided to adopt a self-organized programme for our NetSci Workshop 2021

To this end, please add your group number, title and names in one of the empty yellow cells available in the link below. Afterwards, we will assemble a final programme following as closely as possible your preferences. The title of your talk may differ from the title of your project. Please feel free to adapt it to make it more appealing. 

The workshop will be online with the use of Zoom. Each talk should take 10-12 minutes, leaving a few minutes for questions from the audience. Please remember: the main goal is to be entertaining. Thank you so much for your help!! 

Here's the link:URL:

Many thanks in advance. 

Kind regards,