NetSci Workshop 2021-22 - 1st DAY!!!

11 Novembro 2021, 10:16 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear NetSci students,

Today (10h, Sorry!!!), we will start the first day of our Network Science Workshop 2021. We will have plenty of excellent topics and projects to discuss. 
The zoom link will is already available (please invite your friends, if you like!) here:

We will undoubtedly have a wide plethora of exciting discussions and results from Terrorism analysis, Bargaining dynamics in climate agreements, and racial segregation to network science perspectives on software engineering, reputation dynamics and disease spreading. We will have, from day 01, a wide range of topics and discussions.

You may also find the current schedule available in the link above and at our shared spreadsheet. Thanks again for all your help. 
We are looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy it!!

All the best,

Francisco (Santos), João, Henrique and Francisco (Sena)