NetSci Exam

26 Novembro 2021, 10:17 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear NetSci's,

Due to some unpleasant noise at the top floor of Building "Informática I", those students scheduled to have their exam in rooms F3 and F4 are kindly invited to move to Amphitheatres FA1, FA2 and FA3. It will be certainly more comfortable. You will find a small announcement about that at the doors of F3 and F4 rooms. Thank you.


NetSci exam and other informations

16 Novembro 2021, 12:16 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear NetSci students,

Thank you for the effort you made to be present in our sessions and for the questions raised. We are super happy with all the results and oral presentations. We're still reading the reports, but we can tell you that they're great. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. If you could not present your project and would like to do so, please let us know. 

We hope to finish assessing your reports soon and publish the final aggregated marks associated this weekend or, in the worst case, early next week. We'll let you know by adding another announcement. 

In the meantime, please send us an email if you have any questions related to the exam of our course. We will also be available to help next Monday, 5:50 pm (same zoom link as our workshop), to answer any questions you may have. 

In the meantime, we suggest that you check i) our lab exercises and ii) last year's exam at Supporting Material -> Problem Sets, and let us know if you have any questions. 

The exam can be answered in Portuguese or in English on a standard IST exam sheet that you should bring to the exam. 

Finally, we kindly ask you to enrol in the 1st exam through Fenix (thanks in advance!). This would be extremely helpful to plan the space required for our exam. The exam will be held solely at Alameda. 

See you soon, and thank you once again for your effort!

All our best wishes,

NetSci Workshop 2021-22 - 1st DAY!!!

11 Novembro 2021, 10:16 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear NetSci students,

Today (10h, Sorry!!!), we will start the first day of our Network Science Workshop 2021. We will have plenty of excellent topics and projects to discuss. 
The zoom link will is already available (please invite your friends, if you like!) here:

We will undoubtedly have a wide plethora of exciting discussions and results from Terrorism analysis, Bargaining dynamics in climate agreements, and racial segregation to network science perspectives on software engineering, reputation dynamics and disease spreading. We will have, from day 01, a wide range of topics and discussions.

You may also find the current schedule available in the link above and at our shared spreadsheet. Thanks again for all your help. 
We are looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy it!!

All the best,

Francisco (Santos), João, Henrique and Francisco (Sena)

Network Science Workshop 2021-22

4 Novembro 2021, 15:11 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear students,

As we discussed a few minutes ago, instead of creating an entire programme from scratch (which may not fit your constraints), we decided to adopt a self-organized programme for our NetSci Workshop 2021

To this end, please add your group number, title and names in one of the empty yellow cells available in the link below. Afterwards, we will assemble a final programme following as closely as possible your preferences. The title of your talk may differ from the title of your project. Please feel free to adapt it to make it more appealing. 

The workshop will be online with the use of Zoom. Each talk should take 10-12 minutes, leaving a few minutes for questions from the audience. Please remember: the main goal is to be entertaining. Thank you so much for your help!! 

Here's the link:URL:

Many thanks in advance. 

Kind regards,


Next week - additional lab

28 Outubro 2021, 10:39 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear students,

Next week we won't have classes on Monday (it's a public holiday). For this reason, we booked an additional lab slot on Tuesday for those students that have their labs on Monday. You can find us at Lab 5 (Alameda, Informática I), between 17h-20h.  Hope it helps!

Kind regards,