Final Case Study

The Final Case Study is worth 20% of the grade.

Grades: MEIC FSI 2020 - FCS - grades.pdf

Until 9/Jan (20%)

Submit a case study between one and two pages (inc. 4-5 sources and 4-5 questions) based on this template:

The case study should be about a company from your home country and based on one of the topics of the chapter randomly assigned to you here: FSI 2020 dashboard

The case study should be submitted until 9/Jan midnight (aka 10/01/2021 00:00) here:


* include 4 or 5 sources (for example, newspaper articles)

* include 4 ou 5 questions based on the Laudon framework

* make sure your text is (almost) perfect with a tool such as

* check against plagiarism in your text with a tool such as

* review the text format for fonts, spaces, margins, indentation, etc.

* use this format for the file name: FSI-2020-FCS-ist1nnnnn.pdf

* submit the file in PDF format before the deadline

* any issue, send me an email

Brief Case-Study Method Guidance Notes

A short note about case studies written by Pedro Leão.