The papers and corresponding topics  for presentations are available here:
Some topics and papers were introduced in the book: Students may want to read chapters concerning some topics.

The first worksheet of the google spreadsheet above indicates: the topic, the id of the paper, the title and link of the paper, the minimum and maximum number of groups that can present the paper, the ids of the groups that are going to present (to be filled in by students), the date of the presentation (to be filled in by students).
Groups should gather in sets of 1, 2 or 3 groups, depending on the topic/paper chosen, to read, analyse and then make a single presentation.

The maximum duration of each presentation is 20 minutes (to estimate the number of slides that you need, take into consideration that one slide takes on average 2 min to be presented).
The second worksheet contains the dates available for presentations - all of them will be done during the slots for theoretical classes. Each date can accommodate the presentation of the 3 papers.