Final grades

24 julho 2013, 11:15 Helena Galhardas

The final grades (after "época especial") are:

38202 - Nuno Pinto - RE

55906 - Gabriel Alves - RE

57479 - Jérôme Figueiredo - ORAL

70685 - José Lucas - RE

74039 - Carlos Gomes - 10

Any incorrection should be sent by email until July, 25th.

Showing corrections of exam 3 and oral examinations

22 julho 2013, 18:02 Helena Galhardas

Students can see the corrections of exam 3 next wednesday, 24th July, 10H, room 5.19.

Those students in position for the oral examination must contact me in order to shedule a day/hour for that exam.


Helena Galhardas

Grades Exame 3

21 julho 2013, 22:58 Helena Galhardas

The grades of exam 3 are available in section "Grades".

Final Grades

4 julho 2013, 14:02 Helena Galhardas

We've published the final grades after showing the corrections of exams and after the oral examinations.

If you find any incorrection, please send me an email immediately.

I have to submit the final grades to the Fénix system during this afternoon (thursday, 4th July).

Thanks, Helena Galhardas


Grades Exam 2

3 julho 2013, 23:00 Helena Galhardas

The grades of exam 2 are available in the section "Grades".

You can see the correction of your exam tomorrow, July 4th, 9H30, room 7.1.