Métodos de Avaliação

Final exam(55%) + 3 Mini-Projects (45%) 

Minimum grade exam: 9.5 v

Minimum grade average mini-projects: 9.5 v

We will not take into account grades obtained in previous years.

If the difference between the grade obtained in the exam and the average grade of the mini-projects is equal or greater than 5 vals, then we will call the student for an oral examination. If the student does not show up in the oral examination, the final grade will be the minimum between the grades of the exam and the average of the mini-projects.


  • Can choose to do only the exam.
  • The choice must be done until delivering the 1st mini-project.
  • We assume the student has chosen to be evaluated through the eam and mini-projects if he/she delivers the 1st mini-project.

Época Especial:

  • Students can choose to do only the exam.