Grades "special period" exam (época especial)

29 julho 2019, 16:00 Helena Galhardas

The grades are online in section "Exams".

Checking "special period" (época especial) exam corrections

29 julho 2019, 11:03 Helena Galhardas

Students can check the correction of their special period exam next wednesday, 31st July 10H,  Alameda, Pav. Informática III, 2nd floor, office 1.

The grades will be online until then.

Special period exam ("Época Especial")

19 julho 2019, 16:02 Helena Galhardas

The special period exam ("época especial") will take place at Alameda Campus (room F8), next Friday, July 26th, 11H30.

Exam 2 - grades

12 julho 2019, 09:46 Helena Galhardas

The grades of exam 2 are online.

Checking 2nd exam corrections

10 julho 2019, 10:04 Helena Galhardas

The instructors will be available to show the corrections of the 2nd exam to students next Monday, 15/7, 11H:

- Tagus, room 2N7.1
- Alameda, room F8

Grades will be published until then.