Últimos anúncios

Theoretical Classes

26 Novembro 2020, 16:31 Vasco Miguel Gomes Nunes Manquinho

Due to some upgrades at the Informática I building, on December, 2 (next Wednesday) the theoretical class will take place at room QA (Chemistry building).

It's the building number 21 in the map available at https://tecnico.ulisboa.pt/files/2015/11/carta-navegacao-alameda-pt.pdf

The next classes will occur in the regular rooms at the Informática I building.

Third project

21 Novembro 2020, 19:35

Problem instance generator

19 Novembro 2020, 10:29

Additional tests

18 Novembro 2020, 23:03

Office Hours on Friday

12 Novembro 2020, 10:41

Corpo Docente

Vasco Miguel Gomes Nunes Manquinho



Daniel Rosa Ramos