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Special Evaluation Season

5 julho 2023, 23:57 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

Students who have access to the "época especial" period and wish to do the project must register by email  


  between July 6th and July 13th (8:00), and start ASAP the development process, as indicated on the course fenix site. The project report must be uploaded until July 21st, 12:00. Presentation and assessment will be scheduled for the July 24th week.


Regardless of this, it is up to the students to contact the administrative services that validate the conditions for access to the "época especial" period.


Note that the exam referred in fénix (July 24th, 13:00) will not be happen because  the "época especial" evaluation is exclusively based on the project.

Exam and Global Grades

26 abril 2023, 11:27


21 abril 2023, 16:02

Demonstration videos

20 abril 2023, 17:01

Exam Enrollment

17 abril 2023, 10:41

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Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha



Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal



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