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Ambient Intelligence Seminar

20 Maio 2016, 15:16 Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha

Next lecture we will have presentations of sensing and information technologies at the

Ambient Intelligence Seminar

May 24th, 11:00 AM
Sala de Estudo / Biblioteca, Informática II building, Técnico Alameda

  • Inspection and monitoring of civil engineering structures. Jónatas Valença, Civil Engineering, Research and Innovation for Sustainability (CERIS).
  • An Introduction to Precision Agriculture. José Camacho, MEIC.

Free entry. Do not miss the seminar, reserve your agendas and bring your colleagues and friends.

Next week presentations

10 Maio 2016, 19:41

Projects delivery

6 Maio 2016, 01:38

AI Presentations

3 Maio 2016, 19:25

Mini-tests final grades

29 Abril 2016, 00:57

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Renato Jorge Caleira Nunes



Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha