Avaliações Específicas Descrição
FB1 Grades for FB#1
FB2 Grades for FB#2: distribution is bi-modal 1. "Invented" answers got no points 2. "shared" knowledge usually wrong 3. absent people didn't even read the handouts
FB3 Grades for FB#3: distribution is again bi-modal. Remarks from previous FB also apply.
FB4 Same remarks as before. Surprisingly, too many people missed answers straight from the slides. Incidentally, «social maturity» stands for the average maturity of the whole society. Individual maturity is a different concept..
Term Project Your reports were competitively graded. The worst report(s) got grade 10 and one grade point was successively added on equivalent features included.
Synthesis Rpt The intent was for you to summarize what you had learned and identify (some of) those points in the movie(s). One single person did this, although some were close. Unless there was something interesting, IMDB-like movie summaries or badly written reports got zero. The "positive" scale was discretized to even values.