Publicação de Notas

15 Julho 2019, 00:59 Joao Pedro Mendes

I'll post the partial grades later. For the final grade, 1. The term report was worth 60%. It was competitively graded. Sadly enough, some people didn't seem to have used comments to their work during the semester. Others overlooked the request for single page stapled print version plus pdf and zipped model by email (the .rpwx didn't do). 2. The 3 better Fbk were worth 30%. Late enrolment was accommodated. 3. The synthesis report was worth 10%. It was graded 0-5, with movie summaries getting zero points. 4. People who submitted extra work (peer evaluations, questionnaires... ) got bonus points. Congratulations to you all for the hard work. Enjoy the Summer!