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Addendum for LAB 08 - solution for conflicting SSH Keypairs in VMCloud

7 Dezembro 2019, 21:07 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

A new version of the Support Files for Lab 08 was published.This version addresses the issues during the experiments related with conflicting key pairs in VMCloud for members of the same group, in the same Project.

 The critical files that were changed were:

  • terraform-vmcloud-servers.tf
  • outputs.tf

The bootstrap file for the local Management server (osmgmt) was also upgraded to include OpenStack client tool. 

It is recommended to do the following for those students experiencing issues:

  1. Clean up the VMCloud Project (all instances, and resources previously deployed) with "terraform destroy", if still possible.
  2. Verify in the VMCloud Dashboard if there are no instances and resources created by the members of the group.
  3. Select one of the following working methodologies:
    1. Deploy Individually the whole infrastructure, and when finished, destroy it, giving turn to other member of the group to do the same.
    2. Agree to split "Roles" among the member of the group, for example: one is responsible for deploying the "network security group" and the "dbase" server, another is responsible for the "balancer" server, and another for the "web" servers, etc.
  4. With either methodology, you should ensure to use the same RSA keypair in each individual Management server (osmgmt) (instructions given in the LAB 08 Addendum).

AGISIT Classes, theory @Alameda - Labs @Alameda and @Taguspark

19 Novembro 2019, 13:43

AGISIT Classes this week (theory @Alameda - Labs @Alameda and @Taguspark)

13 Novembro 2019, 00:05

LABS: Lab Guides and Support Files updated

6 Outubro 2019, 20:07

UPDATE in LAB02 Guide and Support Files

1 Outubro 2019, 20:38

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