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ALAMEDA - Final Grades Published

10 Fevereiro 2020, 10:44 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students, 

You have achieved fantastic marks, and I'm very happy and proud for all your dedication and hard work.

I wish you All the Best.

Prof. Rui Cruz

Addendum for LAB 08 - solution for conflicting SSH Keypairs in VMCloud

7 Dezembro 2019, 21:07

AGISIT Classes, theory @Alameda - Labs @Alameda and @Taguspark

19 Novembro 2019, 13:43

AGISIT Classes this week (theory @Alameda - Labs @Alameda and @Taguspark)

13 Novembro 2019, 00:05

LABS: Lab Guides and Support Files updated

6 Outubro 2019, 20:07

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José Carlos Martins Delgado



Rui António Dos Santos Cruz