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Start of Classes and Teams for Labs and Project

16 Setembro 2018, 17:25 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz


Welcome to AGISIT

Classes will start 17 September, (Taguspark for MEIC-T and METI) and 18 September (Alameda for MEIC-A) -- please see Schedule on the Course Homepage in Fenix System.
Students should ensure that they have access to the Internet through the use of their personal equipment, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet, since class activities require the use of such resources.

Students are required to group in Teams of (desirably) 3 members. Each Team will work for both the Labs and the term Project/Thematic Study (see Evaluation Methods).
Group formation is already opened at Fenix System, up to the 21st September (end of day).
Teams should be already created prior to the Lab classes of next week (24 to 28 September). Students should form teams with other colleagues registered in the same Shift.
The Teaching Assistant will provide guidance for team organization during the first Lab classes this week (18+21 September at Alameda and 19 September at Tagus).

In the first class the objectives and the mode of operation of the course will be clarified.
The Evaluation is described in detail in the Evaluation Methods section on the course website at Fenix System.

The best way to learn the subject of the course is by attending classes, studying recommended literature, doing practical assignments, and asking questions.


Be attentive to announcements and contents published in the Official Webpage of AGISIT in Fenix System.

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Rui António Dos Santos Cruz