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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lab Classrooms for this week at Alameda campus

14 Outubro 2021, 13:58 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students,

As the "normal" Lab Classrooms at a Alameda campus are still under construction, this week only (hopefully) the Lab classes will take place in the following rooms:

Thursday: Room V0.08
Friday: Room V0.07

Due also to some issues we have detected in the Lab procedures, related with SSH, we had to make some changes in the LAB GUIDE 01 (published her in the Lab section, and in Moodle), as well as in some files in the repository.Your repositories were not, however, updated, but in the new version of the Lab Guide there are instructions for you, on how to make the updates.

In the Lab Section it is also included a link to a Zip of the template Repository to use for updating you repos.

We apologise for this abnormal situations, but that's Life....What matters is that we know (and we learn) how to Solve the Issues!

Meet you in the Lab Classrooms...
Prof Rui Cruz

IMPORTANT UPDATE on Classes and Support Platforms

26 Setembro 2021, 23:30

IMPORTANT: About Wrong Classroom Capacity and Registration in Lab Shifts

19 Setembro 2021, 11:56

Welcome to AGISIT 2021-2022

12 Setembro 2021, 20:09

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