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Final Marks

5 Dezembro 2021, 17:00 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students, 

You have achieved fantastic marks (see Section Final Marks), and we very happy and proud for your achievements, dedication and hard work.

We wish you All the Best.

Rui Cruz, José Delgado, André Augusto

PS: Proofreading (revisão de Provas) of Capstone Project is made in Discord from Monday, 6 December up to Thursday, 9 December. 

LAB 05 Guide and Assignment Published

9 Novembro 2021, 04:03

LAB 04 Guide and Assignment Published

1 Novembro 2021, 19:41

LAB 3 Guide and Assignment Published

25 Outubro 2021, 00:39

IMPORTANT NEWS: Lab Classrooms and Registration in Google Cloud Platform

21 Outubro 2021, 15:28

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André Augusto

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