Welcome to AGISIT 2021-2022

12 Setembro 2021, 20:09 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students, welcome to the Management and Administration of IT Infrastructures and Services (AGISIT).

Our journey will start on Monday, the 27th September at Taguspark and Tuesday the 28th September at Alameda, exploring many interesting topics, as explained in the Introduction to the course.

To whet your appetite and realize whether you are really committed to enrol in this course we recommend you to watch these videos:

Although we still are under a pandemic situation, due to the high rate of vaccination of the population there are now conditions to begin teaching activities in a face-to-face basis in all types of classes, but requiring strict compliance with the rules and good practices of living in a situation where the Covid19 pandemic has not yet been erradicated. Namely:
  • we all need to wear a mask  (mandatory inside all IST campuses);
  • classrooms will keep windows open to promote a high air renewal rate;
  • we will need to maintain physical safety distance;
The course will run at an intensive pace for 7 weeks, with 2 Theoretical classes (2:00 hours each), and 1 Laboratory class (3:00 hours), every week. As such, attendance of classes is highly recommended, and we hope to see you all there. Both Theretical and Laboratory classes start on the first week, so do not miss them!

In this course we expect students to proactively prepare themselves for classes in advance, either by studying the suggested materials and/or researching on specific topics, as we will mostly follow a constructivist approach, rather than a standard expository lecture approach, meaning that:
  • Lectures are designed to support the students' work; Faculty will act as learning guides, not authorities
  • Students will work in groups in order to learn;
  • All activities in the course emphasise collaborative learning, i.e., the development of communication skills to collaborate with others;
  • The responsibility for learning is placed on the students;
  • Students will also learn how to teach others, how to make presentations, how to report their hard work;
  • Students will learn skills “by doing”, developing their metacognitive skills;
  • Students will also develop their ability to evaluate themselves, their peers and their teachers!;
In this course you have the opportunity to present your work to your peers (classmates), and faculty, who will give their time to analyse it and give constructive feedback.
You need to embrace this as a privilege, allowing you to be prepared to defend your work and lead the discussions.

The Lab components and experiments must be done individually (typically using the student’s own computer), but students are encouraged to discuss the work in their group before reporting the results. The results/deliverables will be reported online (in a specific platform) up to the respective due date, allowing for a timely feedback. With the feedback, students may have the opportunity to justify or correct their answers before the grading is performed.

The Capstone Project (with implementation) component is done in group and the respective Report submitted in the Fenix system up to the due date. As detailed in the Evaluation Methods, the corresponding assessment will be done with a presentation followed by a discussion of the work. Please note that, while the grade will be given to the whole group, each individual student of the group needs to participate in the presentation and discussion in order to be graded. In other words, a student not participating in the presentation and discussion of the Project will get a grade of zero, even if the other colleagues present and discuss the work.

Student-Workers, with officially recognised “student-worker status”, can opt for the following evaluation methods:
  • be part of a group, participate in classes (whenever possible) and be evaluated like any other student;
  • work individually, without the need to attend the classes, but required to submit the deliverables on the same due dates as the other students.
Please note that for both the Capstone Project and Laboratory components, students must form Working Groups, preferably registering in a Lab shift corresponding to the campus where all members of the same group attend classes. Additionally, students also need to consider that the assessment for group work will be done JOINTLY for all the members of the group.

We hope this will help with your decisions during registration and that you will have a lot of fun while doing this course.

The details of the semester will be presented in the first lecture, so make sure to attend!

Best wishes for a wonderful start to the new academic year!


Be attentive to announcements and contents published in the Official Webpage of AGISIT in Fenix System.