IMPORTANT UPDATE on Classes and Support Platforms

26 Setembro 2021, 23:30 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students,

In this course we will use the following platforms:

  1. FenixEdu (the Course Management System).
  2. The Moodle @ DEI - AGISIT that will contain the course materials (Lecture Presentations, Videos, Documents, Lab Statements, Assignments, etc.), and so so Fenix will be used only for the mandatory information, important announcements, and the Summaries of the lectures.
  3. The AGISIT@DISCORD private server, that will be used for TeamWork Collaboration and Communication and for Office Hours. Instruction on usage can be found HERE.
  4. The RNL Git server, containing the Repositories for the Lab works and Project of each student Group. First time users need to login (with Fenix credentials) to be registered in the Platform.

So, feel free to join our AGISIT@DISCORD server as it will be our main communication channel and particularly, at this point in time, to:
  • help you find team members, in case you still have no Group, or would like to complete your Group (to have the recommended 3 members).
  • help you progress in the Lab works and the Project
  • help solving issues, or errors, give suggestions, etc.
  • communicate in your private Group rooms
  • work together remotely

Login also in the RNL Git server, in order to get Registered, and later access your Group Repository (when we will create it).

About the Classes

During the first week, you need to ensure that you are a member of a Group (most of you already are). In case you are not, please follow the instructions previously announced and/or use the AGISIT@DISCORD server to look for that.

  1. Due to delays in the finishing works in the Lab Classrooms of Alameda campus, they are not yet available during this first week of 27 September to 1 October. As such, we have decided that there will be no lab classes in this first week both at Alameda and Taguspark. However, we will publish in Moodle @ DEI - AGISIT a guide with instruction about the software you will need to have installed in Your Own Computer so that you have conditions to execute the works, for the Labs and the Project. And we will be available in AGISIT@DISCORD to provide all the support you may need for that purpose.
  2. Due to holidays:
  • there will be no theoretical class on 5 October (Alameda). However, the topics that should have been addressed in that class will be provided in the Moodle @ DEI - AGISIT
  • there will be no labs on 5 October (Taguspark). Consequently, no labs in classroom on both the 7 and 8 October (Alameda)
  • However, we are planning to replace those face-to-face classes (both Taguspark and Alameda) with the same methodology used for the first week of classes, i.e., we will publish in Moodle @ DEI - AGISIT the lab guide that you will follow, and we will be available in AGISIT@DISCORD to provide all the support you may need.
      In these circumstances, your feedback will be essential so that we can make the necessary adjustments and improve what may not be right. So, we appreciate all the feedback you can share (use Discord).

      Best wishes!