IMPORTANT: About Wrong Classroom Capacity and Registration in Lab Shifts

19 Setembro 2021, 11:56 Rui António Dos Santos Cruz

Dear Students,

There is an issue related with the capacity of the classrooms reported in Fenix (currently, around 50% of the normal capacity) that is preventing your registration in Shifts and in forming Groups.We have been informed last Friday that the issue should be solved in Fenix before classes begin (i.e., before the 27th September).

Nevertheless, The official Policy for the Labs and Project must be:
  1. Students follow the course in their campus of enrollment (lectures, labs, project) within the capacity allocated (every Group must have an official shift allocated).
  2. Groups with two elements from one campus and another element from the other campus may enroll (provisionally, and subject to shift capacity) on the campus of the majority of the Group Members (e.g., Group with 2 Alameda students and 1 Taguspark student may enroll in an Alameda shift). In this case the Group MUST follow the course in the campus of the of the majority of the Group Members (as stated in policy 1).
  3. Therefore, when choosing a shift, please check that all your colleagues will be registered in the same time slot.

Until the normal registration process in Fenix is solved, and as a helper to you, we have prepared a pre-registration form at the following Link:
Group Members Form:

We will strive to keep Lab shifts balanced (i.e., having neither more crowded shifts nor shifts with very few Groups), based on the best information available, provided by you, and in trust that this activity will go smoothly.
We reserve however the right to manual intervention, for fairness. This condition makes the most of the Lab time for everyone. 

Good Work!

- The AGISIT faculty team