The AGISIT@Discord server, is a Private server, not listed publicly. Only Registered Students of the AGISIT Course will be allowed to access the server resources.

First Time Registration

It is recommended to students to install, if not yet done, the Discord App that is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, as also for iOS and Android and create a user account (if you do not yet have one).

In order the become a member of the AGISIT@Discord server, the student is required to access it via the following link:

Registration Access Link:

When accessing the server for the first time (using the above link) you will land in the Welcome channel. In order to be accepted, you need to read carefully that introductory information page and confirm your agreement in respecting the working rules for the server. Once agreed (by writing a message with ?agree, the server is automatically unlocked for you as a member. However, you still need to proceed as follows in order to access all restricted and private resources available:

  1. Read carefully the server Rules;
  2. Change your profile Nickname according to the written rule, i.e., a nickname composed by your student number and Name Surname; To customize your Profile, click the User Settings cog in the lower left corner of the app, then select the Edit button under My Account, and make the necessary changes!
  3. Introduce yourself in the channel #👤-introductions by writing a message with the following information:

Name: (or nickname, or both!)

IST ID: (or IST Student Number)

Lab Shift:

Home Location:


Tell Us A Little About You:

  1. Once introduced with the necessary information, your permissions will be given to the appropriate channels, per shift, and per Group.

Basic usage

The server is made up of Text channels and Voice/Video channels.

  • Text channels are separate spaces for chatting over text (Markdown). They keep conversations organized and give everyone plenty of room to talk. It is also possible to post files, and formatted snippets of code using Markdown.

  • Voice/Video channels are where you can hang out over voice and video. There is no calling or ringing required - just click on a voice channel to enter it and talk to the other members in that channel. You can also share your screen in the Voice/Video channels.

The ? INFORMATION ? channels are used to provide and exchange general information:

  • For quick clarifications you can use the # general channel.
  • We will make # 🆕_announcements_📣 whenever there will be important information to shout out.
  • You can use the # 👀_look-for-group_👫 in case you want to find team members.

For more specific questions, see the 🆒 Q&A 🆒 channels.

For Office Hours or global Conferencing, students and teachers gather in the 🧑🎓 STUDENTS 🧑🎓 Chat and voice channels. In there, if you need to meet or conference with other students out of your Group you can do it in the LOUNGE channel

The Group channels in the server are private for the students of the respective shift.

For example, the channels 21_GROUPS TUE 0800 can only be used by students of Lab shift Tuesdays 08:00-10:00.
In there, the channels for each Group are also private, and can only be used by the students of a that Group.


In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to talk to us @TEACHER