24 Outubro 2016, 13:55 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

The grades are now available in the corresponding section of this webpage (Marks/Notas). I sincerely apologize for the delay.

The following students seem not to be registered for the course (please contact me), so I'm posting their grades here:
Beatriz Ferreira: 19
David Semedo: 19
Jude Mukundane: 18
Sandy Rodrigues: 19

I'm planning to send the grades to the registrar on Wednesday, so if you have any questions, please let me know before that.


Homework and Project

15 Junho 2016, 22:31 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

Some clarifications about the homework and final project.

1. There will not be another homework.
2. The final grade will be based on the homework (with a low weight) and on the final project.
3. The due date for the homework and the project is the end of July.

Lecture notes and "no lecture" warning

18 Abril 2016, 15:25 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

1. I have just uploaded a new and more complete version of Lecture 3.

2. Next Thursday, April 21, there will be no lecture.

Next lecture

30 Março 2016, 17:25 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

Unfortunately, I will not be able to give the lecture tomorrow (Thursday, March 31), neither any of the next week lectures. The next lecture will be on Tuesday, April 12, at the usual time and place. 

New handout ("Linear Regression")

29 Março 2016, 15:08 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

I have just posted the handout about linear regression.