Métodos de Avaliação

The final grade is calculated with the following formula:

  • final = round( 0.5 * t + 0.20 * p1 + 0.20 * p2 + 0.05 * s1 + 0.05 * s2 )

The diferent components are evaluated to 20 values, including decimal points. Only the final grade is rounded to the closest integer.

The variables correspond to the following components:

  • t - Exam grade, this is the maximum of both exams, i.e. t = max(e1, e2) , where e1 is the exam grade and e2 is the recovery exam grade.
  • s1 - The grade of sheet 1.
  • s2 - The grade of sheet 2.
  • p1 - The grade of the first project.
  • p2 - The grade of the second project.

To obtain aproval you should obtain final >= 9.5, otherwise the course is considered failed.

Students can work individually or in groups of 2.

If a student does not provide a certain component then it is considered Not Evaluated (NA), in that component. If the total of NA components adds up to more than 0.5 then the final grade is not evaluated NA.

The individual components do not have minimal grades.

To projects include a final discussion, that will the scheduled for the last two weeks. The discussions are compulsory to obtain the project grade.

Classifications obtained in previous issues of the course will not be admited.

Access to the fenix system is compulsory. Projects and sheets must be delivered in this system.

The evalutation method of working students is the same.

For the special season students can obtain 100% the grade, thought the exam, or use the above formula, provided they delivered the projects during the semester.

Exam dates:

  • e1, 4 January
  • e2, 30 January