Exam grades and final grades

31 Janeiro 2014, 17:31 Luís Manuel Silveira Russo

The second exam grades and final grades are now published, except for exam revision these grades will be signed on the 4th of Feb.

Support Schedule Update

4 Janeiro 2014, 15:28 Luís Manuel Silveira Russo

Support Schedule was updated.

Support Schedule

30 Dezembro 2013, 13:43 Luís Manuel Silveira Russo

There will be a support schedule before the first exam, on the 3rd Jan at 14h00 at INESC.

Publication Notes

20 Dezembro 2013, 13:38 João Pedro Carvalho

Projecto 2.

Project Discussions

17 Dezembro 2013, 10:12 Luís Manuel Silveira Russo

Project Discussions were finished last week. Therefore there will be no classes on Friday.

If students still have pending discussions please contact me, the discussions wil be on Thursday during support schedule.