In the lab classes, we will use the relational database management system named "Microsoft SQL Server 2012". The first lab class will briefly introduce this system.

The AdventureWorks sample database, which is distributed with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, will be used in most of the examples from the lab classes. This database may be downloaded from the following URL:

A tutorial about SQL Server Management Studio, covering the basic aspects associated to the usage of this administration tool, is available at

Microsoft software is available to IST students from the Imagine platform (Microsoft Store). More information is available from the webpage of RNL.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 s installed on the PCs at the rooms where lab classes will take place, e.g. as a virtual machine that can be executed with "Oracle VM VirtualBox."

In the computers from lab 0.14 at IST TagusPark, a Windows virtual machine with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is available from:

  • Linux/vms/vms/adsi2017
  • WindowsD:\vms\adsi2017
In the computers from lab14 at IST Alameda, the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is installed on Windows. The folder with the DB is C:\ADSI. In the first lab class, students should use the following credentials (ignore login error):

  • user: RNLAD\rnl-public 
  • password: Password123