Exam "Época Especial": grades

21 Julho 2017, 09:42 Carlos Mendes

Grades of "época especial" exam are online.

UPDATE: After the revision, the grade for student 73876 (Fernando Lourenço) changed from 13.00 to 14.00.

Exam "Época Especial": revision

19 Julho 2017, 12:56 Helena Galhardas

Students who want to see the correction of their exam (época especial) should go to room F2 - Alameda on 27/7, 14H.

(we ask Tagus students to go to Alameda as well - if it is totally impossible, please send an email to Helena Galhardas)
The grades will be on-line until the beginning of next week.

Exam "Época Especial" - update!

15 Julho 2017, 23:26 Helena Galhardas

Due to the number of students registered, the rooms for exam are the ones initially reserved: F3 (Alameda) and 0-13 (Tagus).

Students should go there and ignore our last announcement.

Exam (Época Especial)

11 Julho 2017, 11:09 Helena Galhardas

Students who have registered to do the exam in "Época Especial" should meet:

- Bruno Martins, INESC-ID Alameda (Rua Alves Redol, 9, room 435 - INESC-ID is located in a building near the back stairs of IST Alameda)
- Helena Galhardas, IST Tagus, office 2N5.19.

The exam will take place on Tuesday, July 18th, 8H. 

Students should also contact the course instructors by email, if they have not done so already, communicating their intention to take the "Época Especial" exam.

Final Grades After Revision and Oral Examinations

11 Julho 2017, 11:00 Helena Galhardas

Final grades are online in section "Grades".

These will be submitted to the Fenix system tomorrow, so please let me know immediately (  if you find any error.