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Online class on Goodness-of-fit test

28 Outubro 2021, 22:52 Marta Castilho Gomes

Dear Students,

As announced in Wednesday class, tomorrow (October, 29) an extra online class will be held at 14:00 to solve exercise 7 on Goodness-of-fit test.

Please use the link available in the file in section “Videoconference Zoom Links”.

The class will be recorded and the video uploaded to ADAS webpage, for the students who cannot attend.

Best regards,

Marta C. Gomes


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22 Outubro 2021, 12:03

Classes and materials on Statistical Inference

7 Outubro 2021, 15:16

ADAS classes - kick-off

23 Setembro 2021, 16:37

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Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira



Marta Castilho Gomes

Diogo Filipe da Cunha Ferreira