1st presentation of the project work - November 15th,13:30

9 Novembro 2021, 12:57 Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira

As scheduled in the beginning of this semester, the 1st presentation of the project work will take place on Monday, November 15th, starting at 13:30 in room V1.07 (usual time and place for ADAS classes on Mondays). All students should be present and participate in the presentations/discussions.

Each group should make a short presentation (10 minutes) with highlights of the work produced so far (corresponding to the 1st part of the project work), followed by questions/discussion. Please send us (by mail) your presentations not later than 12:30 on Monday so that we can have them readily available in our computer in the beginning of the session and to avoid losses of time (or, if you prefer, you can use your own computer, although this might take a bit longer to connect to the projector).

Groups should also submit the 1st part of the report by then (or not later than the end of that week).

Rui Oliveira