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Info Tests/Exams and Thank YOU!

4 Junho 2021, 18:58 Aleksandar Ilic

Evaluation dates are as follows:

  • 21.06 - Test 2 (material covered at lectures 15 to 24 - inclusive, i.e., without the communication/IO part)
  • 12.07 - Exam (you can repeat Test 1, Test 2 or both. Only the highest grade counts)
  • 26.07 - Época Especial
  • Office hours (dúvidas) will continue to operate as described here, but you can also always send me an email with your doubts. 

BIG THANK YOU to the students who attended more than 70% of my lectures:
  • Afonso Vale
  • João Emauz
  • Diogo Cochicho 
  • Francisco Serra 
  • Gonçalo Pinho 
  • Rafaela Seguro 
  • Vicente Silvestre
  • André Faria
  • Miguel Loureiro 
  • João Albuquerque
You are the TRUE HEROS of this course and without you it would be impossible to lecture it. 
I also thank to all other students that contributed to our lab discussions. Overall, this generation of students appears to be the one that will certainly mark the most impact to my approach to teaching. It was a true eye-opening experience! I am deeply thankful for that!

Pauta Teste 1 e Revisão de Prova

25 Maio 2021, 19:08

[Dia do Técnico] No class tomorrow

20 Maio 2021, 17:21

Labs Info (#2)

11 Maio 2021, 17:26

TEST 1 + Labs info

29 Abril 2021, 11:45

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