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2nd Test / 1st Exam

5 Janeiro 2021, 20:00 Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha

We will have the 2nd evaluation test and the 1st exam simultaneously at 14 January, 11:30. This evaluation will occur simultaneously at Alameda (room EA2) and Taguspark (room A3).

The registrations for the four events (test at Alameda, test at Taguspark, exam at Alameda, exam at Taguspark) are open.
You must choose one, and only one, type of evaluation - test, or exam - in one campus. (In case of double registrations, the record will be considered in the 2nd test.)

Lab results

24 Dezembro 2020, 00:08

Return of Arduino kits

11 Dezembro 2020, 15:15

Assessment of Lab 3

11 Dezembro 2020, 14:19

Classes in the week of December 7

6 Dezembro 2020, 16:07

Corpo Docente

Alberto Manuel Ramos da Cunha